Twilight in Alberese

August 2020

The Maremma Park is the largest natural oasis in Tuscany, extends for 25 kilomtres in the province of Grosseto from Principina a Mare to the promontory of Talamone, and is bordered inland by the route Via Aurelia. It consists for the most part of the Uccellina Mountains, which are located parallel to the coast and are covered by a thick scrub, inhabited by several species of birds and mammals. The northern part is flat and swamps are formed at the mouth of the Ombrone river. Descending towards the sea there are pine forests and cultivated fields, on the coast cliffs and sandy beaches alternate.

The best-known of the park’s five beaches is that of Alberese, which is a few kilometers south of Ombrone. The overflows of the river carry many logs into the sea which then arrive on the beach, with which tourists build primitive huts to shelter from the sun.

One day in August, walking back after sunset with the crescent moon, I found a whole tree stranded on the shore. These two photos were taken two weeks apart with long exposure and ND8 filter, plus fast exposure for the moon.

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