About me: Davide Fiammenghi, Milanese class of 1980 with more than fifteen years of experience in mechanical design, always fond of Beauty and photography enthusiast.

This site is my personal space designed to display without boundaries my photographic works, that I love to realize in my leisure time. It’s not intended as a service offering, and there is no place for advertising.

My themes: I’m skilled in Landscape, with preference for mountain, long exposures with water courses and Nocturnal; in Potrait and feminine Nude, working both in natural light and with flash in studio or in combination with sunlight.

My education it is mainly technical and this reflects on my approach to photography. I still use a lot of time in theoretical studies and empirical tests essentially self-taught. From my photos I demand such an image quality and sharpness that they can be printed in poster format. I follow the whole photographic process going from post-production and retouching to printing thanks to trusted suppliers.

My tools: I started photographing in 1990 with a Soviet Zenit-11, a completely manual camera; during the digital revolution I learned to edit with Photoshop; in 2017 I bought the first professional digital camera and today I rely on a full-frame reflex camera by Pentax, which follows me in all my mountain excursions with the Sun and the Rain. I’ve never quit photographing in Analog.

Partnership: in thanking all the models and other professionals with whom I worked, I remember that those interested in working with me can contact me via the form, send me an email or a text on Telegram/WhatsApp. In case the subject of one of my photos was recognizable, I always ask to sign a release in accordance with the Legal Standards on Copyright and Privacy.

On the Web: you can also find me on 500px, VKontakte and Instagram, and I have several photos for sale on iStockphoto.